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About Us 


Our president began in the industry over two decades ago at an independent distributor. This start provided a foundation of understanding the end user and their unique individual needs.

From there he accepted a role as national sales manager for a high end global tool manufacturer. This provided the vision to see things through the eyes of the supplier which gives us a better understanding of the requirements needed to build a successful partnership between supplier and independent rep agency.

The needs of a growing family necessitated a position with less travel, that's when the independent rep agency opportunity presented itself. Was lucky enough to be able to join JR Sales which has an unmatched reputation in the industry with both distributor partners and manufacturer/suppliers. Over time JR Sales evolved into what is known today as Triangle Rep Group.

We have been building, showcasing and promoting company products since then, and our creative team has the necessary skills and experience to benefit your company. Our approach involves a ground-up philosophy, we build product awareness and loyalty beginning at the end user level. We work closely with the end user to demonstrate products, show cost-savings, and ultimately make their jobs easier. We drive this business upward through our loyal distributors. This is a key difference that sets us apart from many agencies in the industry.

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